tibial block using local anaesthetic


A verruca is a viral infection that affects the plantar surface of the feet. Many verrucae can be treated at home. However if the verruca is painful or spreading, we recommend a clinic visit to have it assessed. There are many different strains of the verruca virus that can act quite aggressively.

What we offer
The gold standard treatment for verruca is needling. It is a well researched, safe and effective treatment that can get rid of even the most stubborn verruca. We pick the largest verruca to needle. Local anaesthetic is then used to numb the whole sole of the foot and we use a small needle to penetrate the verruca. It is pain-free!


This causes an immune response. Results are regularly seen from 4 weeks, some may take longer, but our success rate is approx 85% after one treatment. Please book in for a "minor surgery pre-assessment" so we can assess your suitability for this procedure.

We can also use more conservative treatments such as liquid nitrogen and acids however the outcome of these treatments is less predictable.