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Taking Care of You

Although we pride ourselves in working with advanced injuries and minor surgeries we still offer fantastic podiatry and general chiropody service. There are a few areas which this covers;

  • Ingrown toenails  / Nail care - We can fix these not just through surgery but in minor cases just simply cutting them out is sufficient. We can also easily manage thickened / difficult to cut nails.

  • Corns & callus - Using sterile instruments we can take care of your pressure points, burning feet or simply feet in need of a tidy up! We use only premium skin preparations and emollients. Your feet will feel majestic afterwards!

  • Verruca & warts - Although we offer an advanced needling procedure for this, for minor cases and children we can offer pain-free treatments. Some treatments do cause a little pain, but all will be explained beforehand putting any nervous patients at ease.

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