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Most ingrown toenails and verruca can be managed conservatively. However, for chronic, painful ingrown nails or verruca Lower Limb can offer a fantastic minor surgery service.

Most patients get anxious when we talk about surgical procedures. However, at Lower Limb, there really is no need to be. The procedures are virtually pain-free and so well refined that your issue is resolved in no time.

  • Nail Surgery (partial or full nail avulsion) We can successfully remove the most deformed of nails so that the problem will never reoccur. A small amount of local anesthetic is used to first numb your toe. Once anaesthesia is achieved we remove the offending section of the nail. The key to this procedure is to then use a chemical called phenol to prevent the nail from regrowing. Once completed you are provided with a dressing and a review appointment set. We include all review appointments in the pricing of this procedure. There is a 98% success rate with this procedure.

  • Verruca Needling (Faulkner's technique) We were one of the first clinics in Ireland to offer this treatment. Having successfully completed over 1000 of these procedures you will be with experienced hands. This procedure involves a tibial block using a local anesthetic. Once paraesthesia is achieved the verruca is reduced and needled. This creates an immune response and the body responds by breaking down the viral cells. This process on average can take 3 months to complete. There is an approx 85% success rate with this treatment.

Elegant Female

Attended lower limb after having an infected toenail for around 8 weeks, I was slightly nervous but had nothing to worry about and was made to feel at ease by both Paul and Bronagh. Would highly recommend 😀

C O'Carroll

Woman in Yellow

Can't speak highly enough of Lower Limb. As other reviews say, Paul puts you at ease as soon as you arrive. His knowledge is next to none. I had two needling treatments, which successfully healed my foot (after years of seeking treatment and advice from elsewhere), and has genuinely changed my life!! Recommend to everyone. ♥️

Z. Porter

Smiling Young Man

I was suffering from a large Veruca near my heels. Dr Paul from Lower Limb conducted a needling treatment which brought about a massive improvement to my long long term pain. Lower limb is a thoroughly well managed practice with highly knowledgeable personnel!! Thank you!

T George

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