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shockwave machine belfast

Heel Pain Belfast

Everyday we treat patients with heel pain. The most common types are Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis. They can be debilitating, walking can be a struggle, getting moving first step in the morning can be a real pain.... We have the solution

 We have invested in  Shockwave Therapy and technology including ultrasound, force plates, 3D gait analysis and our own in-clinic fully 3D custom orthotic manufacturing (game changer!)

A 'Lower Limb Injury Assessment' should be your assessment of choice. 

NOT ALL HEEL PAIN IS THE SAME - You need an in-depth assessment first of all to design a bespoke treatment plan for YOUR condition! 

Once your heel pain has been assessed we can plan out your treatment using the latest evidence-based approach.

We have all the latest tools to assess and treat. Our skilled staff members regularly attend CPD updates and will provide you with the best care and advice. 

At Lower Limb we believe that every person deserves the right to be able to move without pain or restriction. Get booked, let the experts take care of you and get you back with a spring in your step!

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