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Custom orthotics, made by us for you...

By coming to Lower Limb for your orthoses not only will you undergo a world-class assessment but if orthotics are required they will be made by us. This allows us to do a number of things;

  1. We control the design process. All our orthotics are made via CAD (computer-aided design).  This ensures an extremely high level of precision and is totally bespoke.

  2. Once the design process is complete your 3D CAD designs are sent to our 3 Axis milling machine. This process is called direct milling. Again this is the gold standard in manufacturing orthotics, is extremely accurate and produces the highest quality of orthoses.

  3. Finally, all our orthotics undergo a thorough quality standards check and double-check against your prescription.


Orthotics for Sport

Whether you play football, GAA or rugby we can design orthotics specific to your boots so that fit does not compromise support. For running, we can manufacture with materials that will be durable, shock-absorbing and anti-fungal / odour. 

Orthotics for Everyday

Everyday orthotics depend on your footwear choice and occupation. Careful consideration needs to be taken in material choice. For example, someone who wears a steel toe cap boot all the time may require full-length orthotics with extra cushioning compared to a patient who wears a more formal brogue type shoe that may require a 3/4 length orthotic for a more streamlined fit.

Orthotics for Children

We see many children in the clinic, often parents just need reassurance that the feet are normal and developing at their own pace. For occasions where we do need to intervene it is essential that the orthotic isn't too aggressive, fits well and is flexible enough to allow your child to walk, run and jump without restriction. We can also offer outgrowth solutions so that when your child's feet grow we can offer replacement orthotics at a reduced rate.

Orthotics for Elderly

Unfortunately, as we age the foot can lose its natural ability to adapt to different terrains and efficiently absorb shock and propel forward. Elderly patients tend to wear much softer shoes and prefer materials that are heavily cushioned. However, this comes as a compromise to support at a time when the foot really needs it! We can manufacture a specialist dual-density type of orthotic to provide a soft feel but not compromising on support. Keeping those arches supported, feet balanced and active for many more years.

Running Shoes


Online booking system fantastic and easy to navigate. Reminders are beneficial. Very professional and friendly service. Excellent, modern diagnostics and equipment. Paul is very knowledgeable and obviously a master of his trade, giving thorough explanations and helpful advice. Feel very reassured by the suggested treatment plan going forward. So glad I chose Lower Limb. Highly recommended.

-E. Davidson - Belfast

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