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Podiatric Dermatology or sometimes still known as Chiropody...

Is a big part of what we do. Our clinic attends to all patient types from children with verruca, teenagers with ingrown toe nails, adults with corns or callus to the elderly who have difficulty cutting their toe nails we can manage it all. Basically its anything that involves skin or nail treatments. 

A Podiatric Dermatology appointment involes...

All new patients to our clinic need to be assessed first. So please come prepared with a list of any medications and that you take.

We do thorough checks on your feet including blood flow quality and advance neurological testing for patients who are diabetic. 

Before any treatment takes place we ask your primary concerns and we can answer any questions you may have about your treatment plan. Sometimes it may appear to be a simple nail cut and tidy up that is required, but we must do these checks first as part of our guidelines set out by the Royal College of Podiatry and HCPC. 

Treatments that can be carried out in this appointment are; Callus debridement, Nail reduction, Verruca treatments, non-surgical ingrown nail removal, Fungal nail, corn removal etc.

You will then be offered a return appointment if required. 

We accept health insurance for this appointment. Please bring your membership number and pre-authorisation code. 

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